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2018 - 10 Jahre Tölzer Orgelfesttage
Mit Pauken & Trompeten Freuen Sie sich mit uns auf die zweite Hälfte der Jubiläumssaison mit weiteren... Mehr
Herzlich willkommen bei den Tölzer Orgelfesttagen!
Als „Garten Gottes“ wird diese Region manchmal bezeichnet: Der sogenannte Isarwinkel beginnt hier und die... Mehr

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Enjott Schneider

Toccata "Schlafes Bruder"

Hansjörg Albrecht | Orgel

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Enjott Schneider und des Labels Ambiente Records


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The Toelz Organ Festival (Toelzer Orgelfesttage), organised by the „Verein der Freunde und Förderer der Orgelkunst im Toelzer Oberland e.V.“ (Association of friends and promotors of organ music in the Toelz region) was founded in Bad Toelz (Upper Bavaria) in 2009. As a rule, it comprises 4 concerts per year. Hansjörg Albrecht, renowned concert organist and conductor of the famous Munich Bach Choir and Orchestra is the artistic director of the Toelz Festival.

Normally, the great “Jann” organ in the Gothic main church “Maria Himmelfahrt/Assumption” of Bad Toelz (see under the link “Instrumente”) is played at the concerts. Each annual festival is dominated by a general motto. Since 2010, the festival has started a “tour through Europe” and aims at familiarizing organ fans with organ music from the region of reference. The link “Konzerte – Beitragstitel” shows the regions already touched on. The works performed are original organ compositions as well as pieces transcribed following an old tradition in the organ culture. In order to emphasise the authenticity, well-known artists from the respective regions have been and will be invited to perform at the festival (see the link “Künstler”). Furthermore, all the works which have been performed so far can be seen in the link “Konzerte – Aufgeführte Werke”.

An additional aim of the festival is to introduce the organ not only as a solo symphonic instrument, but also in its diverse forms of expression in combination with other instruments, and even together with an orchestra.

Instruments like the trumpet, oboe d’amore or even percussion have been played with the organ, but also an entire symphonic orchestra (see the links “Konzerte – Aufgeführte Werke” and “Künstler”).

Apart from organizing the annual concerts of the festival, the association arranges special introductory organ lessons for youngsters. It also organizes a day trip once a year to introduce organs of different sizes, types and age to interested organ fans.

If you wish to contact us, please go to the link “Kontakt” (“Contact”) of this website.